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Magento Commerce Solution Development

Magento Commerce design and development gives all kinds of businesses a sturdy, reliable, and smooth performing software foundation to build and maintain market-leading products.

Magento Commerce Solution Development

Our Services

Magento Commerce enables to achieve a profitable, smoothly running piece of commercial software we can design from scratch. The Dinarys team covers a variety of complex software development aspects, with the essential stages of the project including:

Magento solution development

Our Magento-savvy team can build and deploy a solution designed from scratch according to the particular business goals and needs. We put a lot of profiled expertise into building robust feature-rich Magento solutions.

Code audit

A thorough code audit makes sure that analytics, integrations, customizations, and third-party modules operate smoothly, are well-susceptible to future changes, and don’t hinder the native functionality of the solution. This is where we take care of many in-depth code flaws and risky areas.

Migration and implementation services

We can also migrate software and data assets from Magento Commerce 1 to Magento Commerce 2 in order to achieve more up-to-date functionality and better optimization. This ensures further scalability and takes away the pain of “struggling” with legacy software pieces.

Support and maintenance

Apart from all the software development tasks, we also thoroughly handle optimization, customization according to business specifics, reviewing the infrastructure, and more underlying tasks to make the solution stable and high-performing. We maintain the solution at all stages of launch, deployment, and post-deployment, too.

Benefits of Magento Commerce B2B Features

Authentic account management

Magento Commerce allows implementing outstanding individual account management settings according to specific business attributes. We provide a company accounts hierarchy and granted self-service management of these accounts.

Custom pricing and cataloging

The solution can receive original price listings and catalogs customized in line with the client’s requirements. This allows for a pinpointed approach to settling some of the most essential digital commerce aspects (pricing and cataloging).

RfQ workflow opportunities

Providing Request-for-Quotation workflow capabilities, we expand our client’s opportunities of getting supplier quotes after their purchasing resources and products. This ultimately falls in line with the business specifics at hand and promotes commercial flexibility.

Implementation of proper APIs

By implementing and integrating a number of useful APIs, we ensure more versatility in a solution’s functionality, expand the scope of a solution’s application, and boost the potential for further expansions.

Benefits of Magento Commerce Cloud

Magento Commerce Cloud provides a versatile PaaS cloud hosting for storing and managing Magento-based solutions in the most adaptable and hassle-free way possible. We use the capacities of Magento Commerce Cloud in order to make projects lightweight, save client resources, and back up the integrity of all data with cloud opportunities.

Streamlined production deployment

We are able to achieve speedy and seamless results of production deployment via Magento Commerce Cloud. All due to the extensive range of proper functionalities available out-of-the-box as well as through various additional integrations.

Versatile nature of the software

We are also able to achieve high scalability results and simple customizations that even the specialists from the client’s team can handle without issues. This is important to give the client enough freedom with their end product to move further on their own.

A high level of cybersecurity

We focus on reinforcing the overall security of the solution in a major way to eventually achieve an extraordinary level of data and software protection. In this, many Magento Commerce and Magento Commerce Cloud features came in more than handy.

Speed up time-to-market

We ultimately accelerate a product’s time-to-market through the use of cloud opportunities inherent to Magento Commerce Cloud. This helps outrun the competition and fit the required market segment before others do.

Magento Mobile Commerce App Development

Magento Commerce also provides great mobile application design opportunities. For this, all the required integrations, features, and abilities to add third-party mobile APIs were implemented. Magento Mobile Commerce ultimately allows transferring the whole range of versatile Magento-exclusive functionality to the mobile format seamlessly, which we usually achieve through:

PWA development

PWA development

Customized responsive themes

Customized responsive themes

Mobile-friendly checkout opportunities and more

Mobile-friendly checkout opportunities and more

Create your business-boosting commercial solution powered by Magento Commerce

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